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Welcome to students, parents, homeschooling families, and fellow teachers who have discovered, a free resource for Christian educators and families. This fall I have updated the navigation for my site for students:


At MyClass, I'm also updating the educational links on the Research page, especially for science topics. MyClass and are works in progress. My goal is accuracy; yet mistakes, typos, and broken links do occur. Your suggestions are always welcome. I enjoy hearing from you.

Miss Elizabeth

This summer I was privileged to help bring to print Miss Elizabeth by Bonnie White Oliver. This great, uplifting read-aloud or student-read novel is set in the Antebellum South. Mrs. Oliver wrote Miss Elizabeth to acquaint her fourth grade students with the attitudes, challenges, and future struggle to bring freedom to American slaves. While supplementing your students' study of American history, Miss Elizabeth encourages them to trust God through difficult circumstances. Click the cover photo to read an excerpt at

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