TheInspiredInstructor has undergone changes to make the site faster to load, easier to navigate, and more usable on mobile devices. All the great free resources are still here, and some new ones have been added.

New resources include "Brahm's Lullaby" handbell music. Generators for Checkup Challenge, an interactive proofreading exercise, and Word Scramble, a printable spelling worksheet maker, were also updated and added.

At MyClass, we've expanded our history curriculum games to include The History of Our United States and Old World History & Geography. Beginner Bible Bowl participants can now find new games to practive memory verses and study questions.

TheInspiredInstructor and MyClass are home-grown efforts. I strive to be accurate; yet typos and broken links do happen. Please let me know if you encounter them. I enjoy hearing from you.
Heidi Schmidt
Creator of TheInspiredInstructor.com

Are you a student?

At MyClass, my site for students you'll find many interactive games to help you study for tests, practice grammar, and learn math facts.

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