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With Quiz Composer, you can create a self-scoring virtual quiz. These interactive activities with drop-down menus or fill-in boxes can be downloaded to your computer or added to your own web page.

On Word Walls enter your own words to create word shapes for word walls with your choice of color background.

With Drill Deck you can create your own virtual flashcards to add to your web page or download to your computer.

Checkup Challenge creates a 12-exercise virtual proofreading quiz. These quizzes work best with older students who are familiar with keyboarding. The virtual quiz can be saved to your laptop or added to your own web site.

Word Scramble allows educators to quickly create spelling worksheets in which students unscramble their words.

Grammar Songs set lists of prepositions, pronouns, adverbs, helping verbs, and other parts of speech to traditional children's songs. Students can easily memorize these recurring parts of speech as they sing. Lyric songsheets, sheet music, voiced recordings, and instrumental midi files are included.

Resources for Sight Words include free downloadable workbook activities for vocabulary, reading, and spelling with Edward Fry's 1,000 most frequent English words as well as links to both Fry and Dolch sight word interactive games at MyClass.


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