Checkup Challenge: Interactive Proofreading Exercise Generator

Checkup Challenge is a proofreading exercise which works best for students who have keyboarding skills. Twelve editable exercises are needed for each Checkup Challenge. The generated Checkup Challenge will work offline when saved to your computer. You can also upload the exercise to your own web site.

  1. Type the lesson name in the TITLE box.
  2. Follow the example below to enter 12 proofreading exercises into the DATA box.
  3. Type your instructions. Press enter.
  4. Type the exercise as it should appear for editing. Press enter.
  5. Type the correct form of the sentence. Press enter.
  6. Press enter again to leave a blank space before writing next exercise.
  7. For example:
    • Correct two spelling errors.
    • Witch dog is knot going?
    • Which dog is not going?
    • Add the correct end mark punctuation.
    • How are you today
    • How are you today?
  8. Continue adding sets of data until you have 12 exercises.
  9. You can format your text with html tags: <i>italics</i> <b>bold</b>
  10. When your list is complete, press Submit.
  11. Your Checkup Challenge will appear in your browser's window.
  12. Test your Checkup Challenge for accuracy.
  13. Use the browser back arrow to return to the generator to make changes. Press Submit.
  14. Save the file as "Web Page, HTML only."
  15. Upload your Checkup Challenge to your web site or save the page to your computer.

Click here to see a sample randomized Checkup Challenge. Click here to see an ordered CheckupChallenge.

TITLE of Checkup Challenge:

DATA (Instruction/Exercise to Edit/Corrected Exercise):

  Display exercises in order given. (Default is shuffle.)

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